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  • Pregnancy and Chiropractic
    Being a chiropractor is great! On any given day I get to treat Olympic athletes, 2 year old kids or 8 1/2 month pregnant women! Today it Read more
  • Santa Monica Swim Center
    If you are a Santa Monica resident and you haven't visited the Santa Monica Aquatic Center at Santa Monica College you are missing out!Visit their page online and get swimming!  Read more
  • Thank You !
    Thank you for making Bay Chiropractic the MOST reviewed Chiropractic office in Santa Monica on YELP.  Visit us on YELP  to see what others are saying about our practice. Read more
  • Local Links!
    Dear Friends,Have you visited our Santa Monica LOCAL LINKS page?  This is where I keep a list of places or practitioners that I believe are truly awesome!  You can find Read more
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome - A Case Study
    If you are having WRIST PAIN, HAND PAIN, NUMBNESS AND TINGLING IN THE HANDS/FINGERS chances are that your friends/coworkers and maybe even your doctor told you that you are suffering Read more
  • Back Pain: A Complicated Issue
    Today in the Health Section of the L.A.Times the main article was "Back Pain is a Complicated Issue".  The article addressed several key factors but FAILED to mention the one Read more
  • Auto Accidents and the need for Chiropractic Care
    If you think that you can "tough it out" and deal the pain and injuries from an car accident, you might want to think again.  If you've been injured in Read more
  • Chiropractic HELPS Headache patients
    TENSION HEADACHES Tension Headaches are the most common type of headaches out there.  Many people who think they suffer from migraine headaches are actually suffering from severe tension headaches. Read more
  • Japan Earthquake Relief
    This SUNDAY in Santa Monica there is a great opportunity to help our friends in Japan who are in need after a devastating earthquake.  Tokidoki has teamed up with Josh Duhamel Read more
  • Pregnancy and Chiropractic in Santa Monica
    So you are pregnant and your back hurts and you wonder, what do I do now?  Taking drugs is no longer an option because what you take your baby gets Read more
  • CrossFit and Chiropractic
    CrossFit is one the latest exercise and fitness fads in Santa Monica and the West side.  As the name implies, CrossFit is based on cross training.  In any given crossfit Read more
  • Yoga and Chiropractic
    Often people ask me what I think of YOGA, and if it benefits chiropractic patients.The short answer is that I think yoga is great, and that it is a huge Read more
  • Counting Calories?
    If you read the Business Section of the L.A.Times today, there was a huge burger, and again they brought up the concept of caloric intake, and that mose fast food Read more
  • Whiplash in Sport Injuries, Auto Accidents and More
    Whiplash is a common injury I see in my Santa Monica Chiropractic office.Whiplash is a neck injury that often occurs during rear-end automobile collisions, as your head suddenly moves backward Read more
  • The truth behind "bottled water"
    Hi friends, Here is a pretty neat article from Dr. Mercola's site about the reality of buying bottle water. The fact is that most bottle water is Read more
  • The History of Artificial Sweetners
    Click on this link to listen to Carolyn de la Pena, author of EMPTY PLEASURES: THE STORY OF ARTIFICIAL SWEETENERSDr. Eric   Read more


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