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Summer is here!

Get out and enjoy this great weather! Summertime is a great time to get your fitness on, to get back on track with good nutrition and all around get healthier.

 Here are some tips to ease your way into the summer:

  • Take a walk everyday.  Even if it's only for 10 minutes.  Get out and just walk.
  • Take a hike! (no pun intended). L.A. is full of little gems such as Temescal Canyon, Topanga Canyon and the great Griffith Park.  Only a short drive away and you can be close to mother nature!
  • Dust off your surfboards and boggie boards and hit the ocean! Some people pay a lot of money just to come to Santa Monica for some R&R! We live here, so don't forget that everyday can be a "staycation"!
  • Go for a bike ride.  Sometimes there is no need to drive your car!  Ride to work, ride to the beach, ride just for the sake of riding!

In order to be healthy you have to work at it. As far as your body is concerned "motion-is-lotion"

Enjoy the summer! 

Dr. Eric