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Treating Knee Pain with Laser Therapy

Treating knee pain is a complicated thing, particularly when dealing with osteoarthritis and the degenerative changes that take place within the knee joint.

In our office we use a combination of joint mobilization/manipulation, myofascial release technique and physiotherapy modalities such as ultrasound and electrical muscle stimulation.

In addition, we've brought in a new tool to fight pain, inflammation and improve healing.  Class IV laser therapy from K-Laser Cube4 series. This is not your typical laser, offering four wavelengths of therapy and up to 15 Watts of power.  More power means realistic treatment times, from 4-6 minutes, and deeper penetration. When comparing K-Laser with other "lasers" on the market, K-laser treatment times are from 11-328 times shorter.

Laser therapy has been shown over and over again in research studies to have positive effects on injured tissues from tendon, ligaments and muscle to bones.

In particular, laser research on knee osteoarthritis has show great results as seen in this randomized, double blind placebo controlled trial by Bla Hegeds, M.D. et al which after laser therapy, patients had:

  1. decreased pain.
  2. decreased sensitivity to pressure.
  3. increased range of motion.

If you know anyone in Santa Monica, West L.A. or surrounding areas that is suffering from knee osteoarthritis, let them know that we may be able to help.

 Dr. Eric - Santa Monica Chiropractor treating a former professional soccer play with laser therapy.



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