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Jaw pain? TMD? Have you tried this.....

Justcame across this study(systematic review) about laser therapy for tempomandibular disorders(TMJ/TMD), or as most people say it: "my jaw really hurts"!, which shows the positive effects of treating TMD/TMJ with laser therapy.  Weare having great success treating TMJ/TMD utilizing the Class IV laser inconjunction with chiropractic adjustments.

Formost people with TMJ/TMD, the simple act of eating (chewing) hurts, so youwould think that those people would avoid such activities as "chewinggum" right? Well, sometimes it's the little things that hurt, and justadvising the patient to stop chewing gum has done the trick! (I know, I know,you'd think they would have figured out by now!)

Ifyou are suffering from TMJ/TMD, please be sure to consult your chiropractor, asmost people don't even know that chiropractors can help!

Below is a picture of me treating a patient with a long history of TMJ pain that has drastically improved after only 4 treatments, and continues to improve!

Give us a call if you have any questions about chiropractic care and class IV therapeutic laser.  We are proud to use the Cube 4 from K-Laser, which is one of the most powerful therapeutic lasers on the market, offering four wavelengths of laser light which targets more tissues and 15 watts of power which allows for deeper penetration and reduced treatment times.

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