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Snowboarding/Winter Sports and Neck Injuries

Snowboarding and skiing are sports that commonly cause neck injuries such as whiplash.  Even small falls can cause severe damage to your tissues. 

Whiplash is a neck injury that occurs when your head suddenly moves backward and then forward - much like the motion of someone cracking a whip. These extreme motions pull your neck muscles and ligaments beyond their normal range of motion. The end result can be micro-tears in your muscles and ligaments, and subluxations in your cervical and thoracic spine.  Whiplash is commonly seen in many sport injuries as well as automobile accidents, particular rear-end and front-end collisions.

Symptoms of Whiplash range from:
-Neck and upper back pain.
-Shoulder pain.
-Difficulty breathing.
-Muscle tenderness.
-Pain shooting from your neck into your arms/fingers.
-Neck and back stiffness.

At Bay Chiropractic in Santa Monica we offer a series of treatments to deal with Whiplash type injuries.
Whiplash symptoms can last for years if not treated, and may create long term pain and instability.

If you are having neck pain, headaches, or other symptoms relating to whiplash, call us to set up an appointment and begin your road to wellness.

While you are having fun in the snow, remember to protect yourself.  Pack a helmet, stretch before your go out on the slopes and stay well hydrated.

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