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Cupping Therapy is a traditional method and is currently used in the treatment of a broad range of medical and health conditions such as to reduce pain.

Cups  can  be  placed  on  various  places  on  the  body  depending  on  the  nature  of  your  concern.  One  potential  “side  effect”  of  cupping  is  of  course  bruising  of  different  degrees,  although  most  patients  call  the  bruising  their  “badges  of  honor” so  to speak.  In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)  it just shows  how much work must be done to rid body of old, stagnant blood in the muscle layer and  therefore  reduce  pain,  tension  and  stress  on  the  physical  body  and  mind  respectively.  In  TCM  every  response  by  the  body  to  any  treatment  can  be  diagnostically interpreted. In the case with cupping, the goal is to get the least  bruising  reaction  after  the  treatment,  which  usually  comes  with  regular  once  per week cupping. 

Cups can be made of bamboo, ceramic, or silicone material, or glass,  which  is  also  known  as  Fire  Cupping.  

How  does  the  whole  cupping  process  happen?  Cupping “is basically just like a massage, but the other way around”. In  more  scientific  words  cupping  therapy  is  a  soft  tissue  modality  that  uses  negative pressure to gently lift the skin and underlying connective tissue. This  lifting  process  enhances  blood  flow  in  muscles  that  are  tight,  painful,  and  restricted  by  creating  space  for  old,  oxygen-depleted  blood  to  leave  so  that  fresh, oxygen-rich blood can enter. In TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), cupping promotes the free flow of  Qi  and  blood  by  remove  blockages  and  stagnation  along  the  meridians  that  cause pain.”  

A  few  studies  and  trials  around  the  world  have  shown  evidence  of  potential  benefits  of  cupping  for  conditions  including  neck,  back  pain,  knee  osteoarthritis,  psoriasis,  chronic  itching,  ankylosing  spondylitis,  herpes  zoster,  and even migraines.  

My professional experience with Cupping Therapy benefits:  

- pain in different body regions   

- stress and tension  

- cough and generally asthmatic children   

- mental/emotional balance  

- insomnia  

- labor induction  

- abdominal cupping for weight loss  

- facial cupping for herpes zoster and acne  

According to Cedar Sinai blog regarding cupping therapy. “For most patients,  cupping is safe to try and could complement an existing treatment plan.  Like all therapies, it's important to see a professional who has been  trained and licensed appropriately.”

Call and make an appointment and try out what cupping is all about.

Veronica Rogers, LAc @ Bay Chiropractic & Rehabilitation 


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