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PTSD and Acupuncture


ABOUT VERONICA ROGERS, Licensed Acupuncturist

Ms. Rogers has been in practice for 15 years. She received her Masters in Acupuncture in 2006, which she followed by enrolling in Doctorate Program of Traditional Chinese Medicine specializing in Internal Medicine with a focus on emotional conditions such as anxiety, depression and insomnia. Additionally she has specialized in treating conditions such as headaches, infertility, digestive and respiratory conditions, and physical pain such as neck and back pain for years. Additionally, Ms. Rogers is a mother of two, and understands the chaos of balancing modern day life and the practice the art of Chinese Medicine.


Chronic post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is perhaps the most apparent of disorders which affect all aspects of mind, body, and spirit, and which requires treatment of all aspects of the human being, in order to restore health and balance to individuals who suffer from this complex disorder.

Survivors of car crashes often suffer from post-traumatic fear of driving, generalized anxiety, depression, insomnia and stress. It was found that a large percentage of victims of car accidents had reduced or completely eliminated pleasure trips and exhibited behavior consistent with a definition of driving phobia.

In recent decades, advances in the quality of acupuncture research for the treatment of PTSD have been acknowledged by international scientific organizations.  

Evidence from randomized controlled trials of acupuncture for PTSD support more extensive availability and use of this ancient therapy for extreme stressful situations, traumatic or threatening events/experiences such as car accidents, war trauma and others, which are often inadequately addressed by conventional approaches

If the acute stress is not removed and becomes chronic, prolonged cortisol secretion can lead to suppression of the immune system. Altered cortisol concentrations may create endocrine imbalances with increased sensitivity of the liver. This produces insulin and increased blood glucose levels that can lead to the development of Diabetes and other chronic disease.

“Acupuncture treatment protocols can be established based on evidence-based fMRI studies of cortical region activations and deactivations with acupuncture points correlating with findings and understandings of changes which tend to occur in the brain in cases of PTSD.”

Traditional Eastern practitioners focus on healing the individual rather than simply treating or masking symptoms of a disease.  Individuals utilizing Chinese medicine and herbs for anxiety and depression embark on a journey of restoration in body, mind and spirit.

In the Chinese medicine tradition, treating emotional distress naturally begins by identifying and supporting the individual’s spiritual, emotional, mental, and energetic needs.  

There are herbs such as Ginkgo Biloba and Passionflower that are used for wound healing which are very useful in treating anxiety and depression as well as personalized formulations created specifically for each patient depending on each case.

At a time when mood disorders and crises of mind and spirit are on the rise, many are looking for natural treatment for anxiety and depression as a way to restore the individual, planetary, and collective sense of well-being and harmony. If you’re interested in discovering how traditional Chinese medicine can benefit your mental health, we are here to provide you with a individualized therapies and techniques to support and accelerate your healing journey.

Veronica Rogers, LAc.

For an appointment call 310-993-8483. 

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Veronica Rogers, LAc.

Licensed Acupuncturist

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