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Counting Calories?

If you read the Business Section of the L.A.Times today, there was a huge burger, and again they brought up the concept of caloric intake, and that mose fast food chains are still producing high caloric food items.

The huge problem here is that they are not addressing the nutritional content of the so called "foods" they are selling. (and I say so called "foods" because I do not believe that what they are selling is food).  Everything from the bread (which should have about 3-5 ingredients only) to the "cheese" they use (which is usually oil based) to the "meat" (which is normally washed with amonia and other scary chemicals, then re-colored and re-flavored) is highly processed.  And after all that processing they are able to sell you a product that ridiculosly cheap, but nutritiously deprived. 

Now is when we need to be reminded that "we get what we pay for". The long term cost of fast food is hard to determnine, but when you add all the drugs needed to combat diabetes, heart disease, etc., and adding the doctor's visits, you can see tat a 99 cent "burger" might cost you a lot more.

Counting calories is a pain (and makes no sense).  Instead of doing any math when it comes to your food, just pick foods that are closest to their natural state, such as fresh vegetables, legumes and fruit.  Buy organic beef, chicken and fish.  If you do this, I guarrantee that you are likely to be healthier, and likely to save money in food (yes, even if you eat at fast food places). 

When  you eat healthy food you are also likely to:

-Be sick less often

-Decrease your chances of developing diabetes, heart disease and mre

-Drop unwanted and health damaging weight. (when is the last time you saw someone get fat from eating too much fruits and vegetables?)

-Increase your energy levels.

If you have any questions on healthy eating, or if you need help develolping a new way of eating, contact our office today and schedule a 30 minute nutrition appointment.

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