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Does Chiropractic even work?

Chiropractic is still one of the safest forms of health care, and it has a wide range positive effects, some that you can feel, and some that you don't!

The core of chiropractic care which is to find and correct vertebral subluxations in the spine in an effort to allow for adequate communication from the brain to the body via the spinal nerves and cord.

When you have subluxation sometimes you feel pain, numbness or tingling, but most of the time you don't.  This is called a silent subluxation.  That means that your body may not be working 100%, and therefore you are in a state of un-ease or dis-ease.

Below are four links to PubMed articles that show how varied the positive effects of chiropractic can be on the body.  The first article is of most importance because it highlights one of the physiologic effects of chiropractic on the body.

#1 - Spinal Manipulative Therapdy (SMT) affects the central nervous system: "SMT-related down-regulation of inflammatory-type responses via a central yet unknown mechanism."

#2 - Spinal Manipulation more effective than medication for the treatment of acute neck pain.

#3 - Manipulation, mobilization found more effective for WHIPLASH than electroacupuncture and passive therapy modalities.

#4 - Chiropractic is effective in the treatment of low back pain.

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